Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip after Hamas rocket attacks

Jerusalem: Taking the opportunity of general elections in Israel, Hamas launched rocket attacks in southern Israel. Hamas provoked Israel by carrying out these attacks, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was visiting southern Israel. Thereafter, on Tuesday, Israel launched airstrikes destroying Hamas bases and rocket manufacturing factories.


Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip after Hamas rocket attacksGeneral elections were held in Israel. These are the fourth general elections in Israel in the last two years. It is claimed that nearly 88% of the Israeli population participated in the elections. Prime Minister Netanyahu had arranged a visit to the southern Israel city of Beersheba on Tuesday evening to encourage more and more participation by the Israeli population in the elections. Rocket attacks were carried out in southern Israel around the same time.

As per the Israeli military’s information to an international news agency, the rocket landed in an open ground. The attack caused no losses. But the attacks affected Netanyahu’s rally. Security personnel escorted Prime Minister Netanyahu safely out of the location. This is the third attack carried out by the terrorists, targeting Prime Minister Netanyahu’s election campaign in the last two years. Israeli media claimed that Hamas tried to create tension by attacking while polling was going on in Israel.

Israeli airstrikes on Gaza Strip after Hamas rocket attacksAfter Prime Minister Netanyahu completed the Beersheba tour, Israel launched retaliatory action against the rocket attack. As per the information given by locals in Gaza, at 2.30 am on Wednesday, Israeli fighter jets and helicopters carried out strikes on at least eight locations in southern Gaza. These included rocket manufacturing facilities built by Hamas. Moreover, Israel also targeted the post of the Hamas armed group.

Locals claim that Hamas suffered huge losses in the Israeli attacks. But Hamas has not reacted to this. Since the last few weeks, terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad are launching Kite and Balloon attacks in southern Israel. It is said that the agricultural farms in southern Israel, are suffering losses in these attacks. At the same time, Israel is accusing that the threat of rockets attacks by terrorists in the Gaza Strip is increasing.

Last week, the Israeli Prime Minister was scheduled to go on a historic visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Preparations for the visit also had been completed. But the Netanyahu visit had to be cancelled at the last moment. It was claimed that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s visit had to be cancelled given the rocket attacks carried out by the Houthi rebels in Saudi Arabia. Prime Minister Netanyahu was going to use the Saudi airspace to travel to UAE. But information had also surfaced that the visit was cancelled given the threat of rocket attacks from the terrorist organisations from the Gaza Strip.

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