Israel will have to pay a heavy price if found behind Beirut blast, warns Hezbollah chief

Beirut: – Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah has warned that if it is exposed that Israel was responsible for the blast in Beirut which took place ten days ago, Israel also will have to pay a dear price like Beirut. Nasrallah declared that the Israeli attacks in Syria also would be avenged. Therefore, Hezbollah is apparently preparing for an attack on Israel against the background of the Beirut explosion and attacks in Syria.  


More than 200 people were killed, and thousands were injured in a powerful blast in the Beirut port on the 4th of August. An investigation is being carried out into the blast, and it has been revealed that the cause of the blast was the unsafe storage of 2,750 kilograms of Ammonium Nitrate in the Beirut port. The preliminary investigations revealed that the carelessness of the Lebanese government and agencies was responsible for the accident. Yet, Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah blamed Israel for the Beirut blast. Nasrallah threatened that the possibility that the explosion was carried triggered by lighting a fire or a small explosion could not be denied. The final report of the cause of the blast is still awaited. If the inquiry exposes that Israel is responsible for the blast, not only Hezbollah, but entire Lebanon will retaliate against Israel. Israel will have to pay an equivalent price for the crime.  

The Hezbollah chief declared that Hezbollah would attack Israel to avenge not only the Beirut blast but also the attack on its commander in Syria. Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif recently visited Lebanon. Within only a few hours of his visit, Nasrallah has issued this threat to Israel. Therefore, it is claimed that there is an Iranian hand behind the threat issued by Nasrallah. At the same time, it is also being predicted that along with the threat, Hezbollah has made preparations for an attack on Israel. Israel has already deployed military on the Lebanese border, in the last month, and has ordered the military to be war-ready. At the same time, Israel has warned that even a single misadventure by Hezbollah, against Israel, will cost Hezbollah very dearly.  

Lebanese President Michell Aoun had said that a foreign power was responsible for the Beirut blast, pointing the finger at Israel. But the Lebanese people accused the President of trying to protect Hezbollah, by blaming Israel. Former Hezbollah Chief Subhi Al-Tufayli also has blamed Nasrallah for the Beirut blast. Tufayli also demanded that an inquiry should be instituted against the big leaders like the President and the Prime Minister in respect of the blast. Sensation has been created as these accusations are being made by a big Hezbollah leader.   

Meanwhile, after blaming Israel for the Beirut blast, Nasrallah also criticised the peace agreement signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Nasrallah accused that UAE has betrayed the Palestinians and the Arabic population. 

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