Israel acquires missiles capable of hitting anywhere in the Middle East, says Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman

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Jerusalem: ‘It is necessary to equip Israeli armed forces in view of the increasing tension in the Middle East. Israel therefore, acquired missiles capable of hitting any target in the entire Middle East region,’ warned Israeli Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman. At this time, the Israeli Defence Minister avoided naming any country or organisation.

The Israeli defence ministry informed that Israeli Netanyahu government has entered into an agreement with the arms manufacturing company ‘Israel Military Industries’ (IMI). The agreement envisages supply of rocket with a striking range of 30 to 300 kilometres. The Israeli defence ministry informed that rockets from all ranges, short, medium and long will be purchased and  that the rockets have a very good precision to hit the target accurately. It also claimed that these rockets equipped with advanced technology will further augment the strength of the Israel armed forces.

Lieberman said that with these rockets the Israeli armed forces have acquired a capability to strike any target in the entire Middle East. These rockets can be further developed to make them more aggressive using the latest technology, claimed Lieberman. These rockets are capable of using the GPS technology. The range of these rockets can be increased by 35 kilometres. The Israeli officials have claimed that the accuracy of these rockets makes it possible to hit the targets even in crowded areas in cities.

At the beginning of the month, the Israeli military had organised huge war exercises in the Golan Hills region. These exercises exposed the limitation that the Israel military was short of rockets from different classes, capable of hitting targets accurately. In view of the Iranian military deployment in Syria, Hamas carrying out attacks under the disguise of Palestinians and increasing Hezbollah activities near the Lebanon border, the Israel military clarified that there was a need of the rockets capable of hitting targets accurately. Against this background, the announcement by the Israeli defence ministry is significant.

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