Israel can launch attacks anywhere, in retaliation to the Iranian threat, asserts US Secretary of State

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Washington: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that there is a persistent Iranian threat to the security of Israel and Israel is free to carry out attacks, anywhere and anytime, to counter this threat, and it is a fundamental right of Israel. Israel had resented the US military withdrawal from Syria. Therefore, the US senior leadership immediately visited Israel to reassure. At this time, the United States made it clear that it is standing behind Israel against the Iranian threat, and this will never change.  

Iran-MissileUS Secretary of State Mike Pompeo asserted, “Israel need not care for international borders and laws while acting against the Iranian threat. The United States will always be with Israel for these actions. Israel has complete freedom to act against any factor which constitutes a part of the Iranian threat. The position of the US administration is apparent and firm on this issue. Israel can act anytime keeping the national security option, in view.”  

Saying that implementing any campaign for the security of its people, is a fundamental right of Israel, Pompeo indicated that Israel could take any action at any time against Iran. Pompeo also clarified that the cooperation with Israel in this matter and actions against the factors contributing to the Iranian threat would never change.  

US Secretary of State met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the chief of Mossad, Yossi Cohen, during his Israel visit. Pompeo clarified at this time that the US military withdrawal from Syria is not a weakness on the part of the United States nor an effort to reduce pressure on Iran. Before visiting Israel, the US Secretary of State visited Turkey and held discussions with President Erdogan and other leaders and officials.  

Since the last few years, the Iranian interference in Syria has increased, and the extent of Israeli actions against it also has increased. Israel has targeted many Iranian bases in Syria and casualties of Iranian soldiers in these attacks also have been reported. Although Iran has denied any interference in Syria, Israel has consistently said that it possessed credible evidence to prove the Iranian interference.  

Against this background, the reassurance given by the US Secretary of State to Israel regarding the Israeli action against Iran becomes significant. 

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