Israel deploys anti-missile systems on the southern border; threat of Houthi rebels attack from Yemen increases

Eilat: – Iran may use the Houthi rebels, from Yemen, to avenge the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani. The Houthi rebels had also announced that they have missiles that can reach Israel directly. Against this background, the Israeli military has deployed two missile defence systems, Iron Dome and Patriot, in the Eilat region, in southern Israel. An Israeli news agency has published the photographs of these systems deployed in Eilat.   

Yemen-houthi-israelIran can attack Israel using Iraq and Yemen, the countries under Iranian influence, in the Middle East. Israel military spokesman Brigadier General Hidai Zilberman had said, two weeks ago, that they were having information regarding this. While talking to a Saudi daily, Zilberman said that Iran may use smart missiles capable of reaching Israel or drones to launch attacks on Israel, from Iraq of Yemen.   

In the meantime, in Yemen, the Houthi rebels launched attacks in the border regions of Saudi Arabia. While accepting the responsibility of these attacks, the Houthi rebels had said that they possessed missile capable of targeting the southern cities of Israel. Nearly a year ago, the Houthi rebels had launched a ballistic missile attack on the Saudi capital of Riyadh. The Patriot air defence systems deployed in Saudi accurately neutralised the concerned missiles. This exposed that the Houthi rebels owned even ballistic missiles along with rockets. Saudi exposed the evidence in front of the international community. Saudi also accused that Iran was supplying these missiles to the Houthi rebels.   

Therefore, taking into account the Houthi rebels’ possible attack, the Israeli military has deployed Iron Dome and Patriot missile defence systems in Eilat. A news agency has even published photographs of these systems. The Israeli military has not given any reaction in this matter.   

Iron Dome is an Israel made air defence system. This system is useful in neutralising rockets, mortars, small drones and cruise missiles. In contrast, the US-made Patriot air defence system is used to neutralise ballistic missiles, fighter jets and big drone attacks. Therefore, Israeli media are claiming that Israel has made big preparations by deploying both the air defence systems in Eilat. Only last week, Israel despatched its submarine to the Persian Gulf region. While speaking about the development, Brigadier General Zilberman said that the Israeli submarines are sailing quietly everywhere and are keeping a close watch on every Iranian activity.   

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