Yemeni Houthi rebels fire missile over Saudi ‘Royal Palace’, Saudi successfully intercepts missile

Riyadh: The Houthi rebels from Yemen fired ballistic missile directed towards the Saudi capital ‘Riyadh’. However, with the help of the Patriot defence system, the Saudi military intercepted the rebel missile in mid-air before striking Riyadh. Saudi defence had alleged that the fired missile was set to target Saudi King Salman’s palace. The US has strongly condemned this Houthi rebel attack over Saudi in sharp words.


Yemen, Saudi Arabia, missiles, Houthi rebels, King Salman, Iran, The Houthi rebels had declared to have fired the ‘Volcano H-2’ ballistic missile over al-Yamama, King Salman’s palace in Riyadh. Al-Masirah, the Yemeni news channel affiliated to the Houthi rebels, reported the said information with their consent. This attack took place on Tuesday evening when King Salman was busy in between conferences and meetings with important personnel in the palace.

The Saudi systems were on alert immediately after these ballistic missiles crossed the Saudi borders. These defence systems destroyed the rebel missile using the ‘Patriot’ defence system which is known for intercepting aerial targets. A senior Saudi military official informed that no damage had been caused due to the missile attack.

Earlier this year on November 4th, the Houthi rebels had fired a ballistic missile over the Saudi capital. Nevertheless, the Saudi defence had successfully intercepted the rebel missile even then. Previously, the Houthi rebels had launched missile attacks in the Saudi borderline areas as well as military bases. However, the recent attack comes as a shock as it was the first time that ballistic missiles had been used.

Albeit, Saudi alleged that the ballistic missile fired towards Riyadh used Iranian technology. Thus, It proved that Iran supplied missiles to Houthi rebels, criticised Saudi. Last week Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the United Nations exhibited to the worldwide media the missile fragments fired by the Houthi rebels over Riyadh. This evidence was absolute proof against Iran which it could not deny, said Haley. Iran dismissed the US allegations. Also, Iran demanded for permission to inspect the said missile. The UN had also stated that the said missile was of Iranian make and that its supporting evidence had been received.

By carrying out another ballistic missile attack within days of this incident, the Houthi rebels have made the conditions in this region explosive.

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