US takes serious cognisance of Iran’s underground missile cities

Washington: A few days ago, Iran had warned that it has developed underground missile cities to teach a lesson to its adversaries in the Persian Gulf. The United States and Saudi have severely criticised this Iranian warning. The United States has accused that this exposes that Iran is becoming a serious threat to the peace and stability in the Gulf. Indications are that the accusation levelled by the United States is a preparation of future action against Iran.


US takes serious cognisance of Iran’s underground missile citiesRear Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, Commander of Navy of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), revealed the information regarding the Iranian underground missile cities while talking to an Iranian magazine. Tangsiri said that these cities have been built at the opening of the Omanis and Persian Gulfs. Tangsiri said that advanced long-range missiles have been stored in these underground cities and has claimed that these missiles will be like a dream for the enemies of Iran. Before this, Iran had released a video of the underground missile city. The video showed missiles stored in a cave in a mountain. But for the first time, Iran has announced the building of underground missile cities near the coastline.

The US defence department has taken serious cognisance of the warning issued by the Iranian Commander. The Pentagon voiced its objections by saying that it is being said that Iran is desirous of cordial relations with its neighbours. But these Iranian activities are threatening these very countries in the Gulf and posing a challenge to the peace and stability of the region. It is becoming clear from the statements issued by the IRGC and its leaders that they are the ones mainly responsible for the instability in the Gulf region. Saudi Arabia also has upheld the US accusations. Saudi has said that the Iranian activities, in the Persian Gulf, are a threat to the marine freight movement in the region. Saudi has cited a few days old incidents in support of the accusation. Saudi reminded that the Iranian patrol vessels, threatening the warships of the United States and its allies, had intruded into the Saudi marine limits.

Meanwhile, Iran has held Israel responsible for the series of explosions reported since the last few days in Iran. Ali Rabiei, the spokesman of the Iranian government, said that Israeli activities are dangerous and Israel can carry out an attack anywhere in the world and appealed that the international community should unite and stop Israel in time. Iran has not clarified as to which blast Israel is responsible for. The Israeli media claimed that the fire in the Natanz nuclear project has set the Iranian nuclear program back at least by a year or two. There was another explosion in a chemical factory in Iran, and two people were killed in the blast.

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