Chinese intrusion into Japanese waters rising

Tokyo: – While the issue of the visit of Chinese President to Japan is being discussed in the Japanese parliament, there has been an increase in the extent of Chinese intrusion in Japanese marine limits. Chinese patrol vessels were in the Japanese waters for nearly 70 hours in the last few days. Although Chinese intrusion in the Japanese waters is a routine affair, it is the first time that the Chinese patrol Ships have remained in the Japanese waters for such a long time.   

At first, two Chinese patrol vessels intruded in the Senkaku Islands region, on Thursday. Despite repeated warnings, issued by the Japanese coast guard and other agencies, the Chinese ships were in the Japanese waters for nearly 30 hours. Thereafter, two Chinese patrol ships intruded into the Japanese waters again, on Saturday early in the morning. These two Chinese ships were loitering in Japanese waters, near the Senkaku Islands for nearly 39 hours. This is believed to be the first instance of Chinese ships intruding into Japanese waters for nearly 70 hours, in successive intrusion attempts.   

The Chinese rulers are struggling to achieve their expansionist ambitions, against the background of the Coronavirus pandemic. China has started intrusion attempts in the disputed territories, while increasing deployment in various regions, for this purpose. Chinese warships, fighter jets, submarines and patrol vessels are consistently intruding into the East China Sea, near Japan. Only a few days ago, it was reported that an advanced Chinese submarine was wandering dangerously, near the Japanese Oshima Island.   

As per the information given by the Japanese agencies, Chinese patrol ships are intruding consistently, into the Japanese waters, in the East China Sea. But in the past, the Chinese ships would return within a few hours of the intrusion. But now, China seems to have intentionally increased this period. As per Japanese analysts, this is a Chinese conspiracy to strengthen its claim on the Senkaku Islands along with the East China Sea. The Japanese media also claimed that the Japanese stand in the Hongkong issue and the discussion, in the Japanese parliament, over the visit of the Chinese President, also could be the reasons behind the recent Chinese intrusions.   

Japan has deployed advanced warships and missiles, in the East China Sea, to stop these Chinese intrusions. But despite this, the Chinese intrusions are continuing, indicating that the tension between Japan and China, in this region, will fester further. 

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