Iran’s soldiers among 14 killed in attack on Syria’s T-4 Military Airbase

Third World WarDamascus: It is said that 14 people including Iranian soldiers were killed in an air attack on the ‘Tiyas’ military airbase in the ‘Homs’ region of Syria, early morning on Monday. Reports suggest that there are also Iranian soldiers among the dead. The ‘Tiyas’, also known as the ‘T-4’ Military Airbase was attacked with 8 rockets, claimed the Syrian government’s news channel.

The T-4 military airbase is located near the famous historical site of Palmyra. As per the information given by the Syrian news agency ‘SANA’, parts near the airstrip at the T-4 military airbase were attacked. The Syrian news channel announced that there was a major loss of life and property at the concerned military base. But the news agency avoided giving any further details. Initially, the air defence systems of the Syrian army countered some missiles directed at the T-4 airbase. Otherwise, the damages could have been much greater, claimed the Syrian news agency.

Iran, syria, military, airbaseIt is said that Iranian soldiers are among those killed at the T-4 military airbase. Neither the Syrian government nor Iran has clarified even the slightest about the matter. However, it is claimed that Iranian soldiers were deployed at this base along with the Syrian army. Nevertheless, whether the killed were a part of the Iran’s ‘Quds Force’ deployed in Syria or members of the pro-Iranian Hezbollah or from any other organisation, could not be confirmed.

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah who are fighting in support of the Assad regime in Syria over the past four years, have deployed their soldiers at various army bases in Syria. Information was revealed that Iran has its bases in the capital city of Damascus as well as in Dara which is located near the Israeli border.

There have been important incidents of attacks on the Syrian military bases previously as well. It is claimed that there have been more than 12 air attacks on the Syrian air bases since the beginning of the civil war in Syria. Israel had accepted responsibility for a few of those attacks.

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