Iran and Hamas have aimed their missiles at Israel and Arab countries, accuses former Iraqi Vice-President

Third World WarIrbil: “Iran and Hamas have jointly made preparations for a war against Israel and Arab countries. Having deployed a large number of missiles in Gaza Strip, Syria, Iraq as well as in Iran, the missiles are directed at Israel and the Arab countries,” Ayad Alawi, former Vice-President of Iraq, made a sensational claim. Alawi said that the United States and Israel are fully aware of all the Iranian preparedness whereas, Hamas has dismissed the claim of this Iraqi leader.

Ayad Alawi, who was the Prime Minister of Iraq, 12 years ago and the Vice-President earlier, recently gave an interview to an Iraqi news channel. During the interview, Alawi spoke about the destructive movements of Hamas and Iran. A few days ago, Alawi visited Jordan. Alawi met the US Ambassador during his Jordan visit. Alawi said that the US Ambassador presented some photographs, which showed missile launchers jointly deployed by Iran and Hamas, in Gaza, Syria, Iran and the Basra in Iraq.

Hamas, arab countries, missiles, israel‘The Israeli intelligence agencies handed over the photographs of all these launcher locations to the United States. These photographs given by the Israeli agency have been taken from land and not satellites. This means that the Israeli intelligence officers had reached the Iranian missile launcher locations in Iraq,’ highlighted Alawi. At the same time, he also reminded that it is only after receiving this information, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, cancelled his visit to Germany and arrived in Iraq urgently.

Alawi said that Secretary of State Pompeo, came to Iraq only to discuss these Iranian missile deployments in Iraq. “I don’t know the particulars of the talks between Pompeo and the Iraqi leaders. But the Secretary of State has reassured me regarding the Iranian missile deployments. Israeli intelligence agencies are keeping a close watch on the missile deployment in the Basra province in Iraq,” informed Iraq.

Nevertheless, Hamas has dismissed the accusations levelled by the former Iraqi Vide-President. Hamas leader, Salah al-Bardawil showered sharp criticism saying, “He remained silent for ages, but when he decided to talk he was only able to utter nonsense. He plays the role of a background actor who repeats what his Zionist movie director told him about Hamas’s rockets which are directed against the Gulf States!”

Meanwhile, as told by the former Iraqi Vice-President, the US Secretary of State had visited Iraq in the last week. During the visit, he met the Iraqi Prime Minister and even issued a warning. Pompeo had warned that the Iranian movements in Iraq could prove to be dangerous for the United States, Gulf countries as well as Iraq. Iraq should cooperate with the United States to stop these Iranian activities or else, there will be a threat to the sovereignty of Iraq.

Following this, President Donald Trump recalled the diplomatic and other officials from Iraq. The United States announced that US interests in Iraq were under threat from Iran and Iran affiliated terrorists. Against this background, the warning issued by Alawi becomes more serious.

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