26 terrorists from Iran affiliated group killed in an airstrike on the Iraq-Syria border

Third World WarBaghdad: 26 terrorists were killed in an airstrike on the base of an Iran affiliated group, near the Syria-Iraq border. The Syrian human rights organization informed that this attack was carried out on the base of Iran affiliated group Hashed Al-Shabi. A few hours ago, three US and British soldiers were killed in the rocket attacks in Iraq. As the action was carried out just after that, it is being claimed that the United States and the front of the western countries carried out this attack, on the Iran affiliated group.

On Wednesday night, there were fierce rocket attacks on the US base at Taji near Baghdad. The US military informed that a minimum of 15 rockets were fired at the base. The United States and the United Kingdom announced that one US soldiers along with a mercenary and a British soldier were killed in these attacks.

26 terrorists from Iran affiliated group killed in an airstrike on the Iraq-Syria borderNo organization has accepted the responsibility of the attack on the US military base. But the attacks on the US military bases in Iraq have increased since the killing of Qassem Soleimani, by the United States. The United States is accusing the Iran affiliated groups of being responsible for the attacks. The Iraqi military has assured a thorough instigation into the attacks.

Within a few hours of the attack on the US military base, airstrikes were carried out on the Iraq-Syria border. The Abu Kamal base in eastern Syria was targeted in the airstrike. Terrorists from the Iran affiliated groups are deployed at this base. This is the main base for all the terrorists of the Iran affiliated groups, coming into Syria through Iraq. There is a huge arms arsenal at this base and it is channelized to Syria and Lebanon from here.

There have been attacks on the Abu Kamal base even in the past and yet, the Syrian media had held the United States and Israel responsible for the attacks. Meanwhile, a more aggressive reaction can be expected from the United States against the attacks on the US military bases in Iraq. US President can order attacks on Iran in the coming time. Taking note of this, the US Congress has reduced the rights of the President for ordering attacks on Iran. The White House has said that US President Trump can use a veto against this decision.

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