‘Jaish’ raising funds in Karachi in police presence for terror attacks in India

Pakistan’s Duplicity Exposed

Karachi, Dt.5 (News Agency)- Jaish-e-Mohammed is openly collecting funds outside mosques in Karachi for sending jihadists to India to carry out terror attacks.



Video footage taken on Friday and Saturday counted by believers as the most sacred of the holy month of Ramzan — shows the ‘Jaish’ fund collectors operating with complete impunity, in spite of strong police presence outside congregated mosques.  

“Help the mujahideen of the Jaish-e-Muhammad, the mujahideen of Islam, fight jihad in Kashmir against India, and in Afghanistan against the Americans,” one man can be heard soliciting in the footage shot outside a mosque in Karachi’s Jacob Lines area.

“Generously donate to the brave young men of the Jaish-e-Muhammad who are fighting for the victory of the name of God and Islam,” another man can be heard outside the ‘Jamia Uloom-e-Islam’ seminary in another video.

The duplicity of Pakistan and the deeply rooted terror culture in the country has once again been exposed to the world.

Founder of ‘Jaish’ and most wanted terrorist ‘Maulana Masud Azhar’ ; ‘Kari Saifulla Akhtar’ an alleged member of Al Qaeda and  head of the jihadi organization namely ‘Harkar-ul-Jihad-al-Eslami’ (HUJI) and Maulana Fazalur Rehman Khalil  , the leader of ‘Harkat-ul-Ansar ‘(HUA) Mujahideen organization, all have been students at the Muslim seminary ‘Jamia Uloom– E – Islam’ in Karachi.

The seminary is infamous as the founding place of ‘Jihad’ and has churned out some of the most notorious terrorists. It has been the alma mater to ‘Sami-ul-Haq’, the Uttar Pradesh-born head of al-Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent, or AQIS, who Indian intelligence believes to be operating out of Karachi. ‘Sami-ul-Haq’, who uses the pseudonym ‘Asim Umar’, was designated a terrorist by the United States last week.

In an Eid message posted online on Friday, the AQIS chief called on Indian Muslims to “pick up their daggers, and start attacking the Indian Administrative Service and Indian Police Service officers who protect Hindus during communal riots”.

“When your daggers reach the necks of the Hindus who now call for your blood, you see how their words change,” he said.

Jaish-e-Muhammad was banned by Pakistan in 2002, following its attack on Parliament House in New Delhi; it continues to operate military facilities in several parts of Pakistan. It has warned of repetition of ‘Pathankot’ type attacks in India. 

It is seen that Pakistan is not ready to take any action against any of ‘Jaish’ terrorists and organizations in support or attached to it. It claimed of action against ‘Jaish’ in beginning of 2016 after the Pathankot attacks.  However, news surfaced a few months ago of Jaish’ camp having shifted to Majgadh Fort in Cheolistan desert in Pakistan.  According to Indian intelligence, this base is used to train militants for terror missions.

World is now once again able to observe that Pakistan is not sincere about its declared ‘war against terrorism’. India has time and again been highlighting Pakistan’s pro-terrorist sympathies and support of anti-Indian and anti-Afghanistan terror groups. The videos affirm Indian allegations.

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