‘Khadagshakti’ war exercises of the Indian military start in Rajasthan

Bikaner: Huge war exercises have begun at the Mahajan Field Firing Range in Bikaner with the participation of 20,000 soldiers and 400 tanks. The exercises have been named as ‘Khadagshakti’ and stress is being given on these exercises, especially on practising techniques to destroy the enemy instantly.

‘Khadagshakti’ war exercises of the Indian military start in RajasthanTwenty thousand soldiers from the ‘2 Strike Corps’ were deployed in the Ambala base in Haryana. The soldiers destroyed the imaginary enemy by showering bombs in the range area. This enemy was surrounded by tanks from all sides and was fired at. The thousands of soldiers achieved their target despite adverse weather conditions. The Indian military has published photographs and information regarding the exercises.

Launching a massive, intense attack on the enemy is being practised in these exercises. One can imagine this after seeing the photographs published by the military. This demonstrates the strength of the Indian military. The training, which was conducted in Rajasthan near the Pakistan border, will set panic in the Pakistani minds.