Indian Army deploys 8,000 troops in eastern Ladakh to counter the rising threat of possible Chinese incursions

New Delhi: China, forced to back out in ‘Doklam’ standoff against India is now looking to avenge its defeat. President Xi Jinping after winning the second term as President would now look to directly confront India on ‘Doklam’ like issue as suggested by Chinese analyst while issuing warning of fresh insurgency attempts. India seems to be prepared to counter the Chinese aggression. Reports suggests that Indian Army has deployed around 8000 troops in Jammu & Kashmir region of Ladakh.


Indian Army deploys 8000 troopsIndian Army has objected to construction by Chinese troops in ‘Doklam’ which is a tri-junction on the border of India, Bhutan and China. A firm stand taken by India, came as a surprise to China and after a standoff they had to eventually back off. After issuing war threat to India, China’s embarrassing retreat from Doklam was noted by the western countries. China had made a laughing stock of themselves, was a comment in the western media. Hence, as speculated by Indian analysts, China would not rest unless it keeps attempting to avenge its retreat from the Doklam standoff.

Chinese analyst Yuang Peng recently warned of repeating more Doklam like conflicts and that the Chinese President would directly confront any future conflicts. In other words, Peng warned of China to opt for an aggressive stand in any future conflicts. Presence of Chinese troops in Doklam and several attempts of insurgencies in other areas close to India-China border can be anticipated is quite evident from Peng’s statement. It is seen that India is ready for such circumstances. Several attempts of insurgency keep happening in Ladakh. To avoid any insurgency, Indian Army has deployed 8000 troops in Ladakh.

As reported, Indian Army has deployed its two brigades, along with enhanced security measures along the border states of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Along the Chinese border areas, India has built 17 tunnels as per reports published a week ago. Hence India’s preparedness to respond to Chinese aggression is getting established. 

Along with preparedness to Chinese activities along the borders, India seems to have stepped up its activities to protect its ocean borders as well. US, Japan and Australia have suggested that India needs to expand its naval influence from Indian Ocean to Pacific Ocean. These four nations have initiated dialogue to implement this strategy, however, China has accused this as a colluded conspiracy to restraining them. Although all the four nations have clarified of not being against any specific country.

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