India reprimands Pakistan for accusing India of Karachi attack  

Islamabad/New Delhi: – India has delivered a tight slap across the face of Pakistan, who was trying to blame India for the terror attack on the Karachi stock exchange. The Indian foreign ministry has reprimanded that a country, whose Prime Minister refers to an international terrorist as a martyr, should reassess its own position regarding terrorism before blaming other countries.  

Karachi attackSeven people were killed in the attack launched by the Baloch rebels on the Karachi stock exchange on Monday. Within a short time, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi blamed India for the attack. Qureshi made a fuss that India has activated sleeper cells, and there is an Indian conspiracy behind this attack. On Tuesday, in the Pakistan parliament, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan accused India of having a hand in the attack. But before that, a sharp reply was given by the Indian foreign ministry to the accusations made by Pakistan.  

Foreign ministry spokesman Anurag Srivastava reprimanded Pakistan by saying that the accusations made by Pakistan are laughable. Pakistan is trying to blame India for its internal problems. Pakistan needs to rethink about its stand regarding terrorism. Srivastava pointed out that Pakistani Prime Minister refers to an international terrorist like Laden as ‘shaheed’ (Martyr). India never hesitates in denouncing any terror attack in any of the countries of the world. The Indian foreign ministry said that the Karachi attack is no exception.  

On Monday, while entering the Karachi stock exchange, the Baloch rebels shouted slogans for independent Baluchistan and independent Sindhu Desh. The agitations, for independent Baluchistan and independent Sidhu Desh, have intensified in Pakistan and two weeks ago fierce protests were held in Baluchistan and soldiers from the Pakistan military had to flee leaving their post. The Baloch people are infuriated against the extreme atrocities perpetrated by the Pakistan military against the Baloch people. Baloch citizens are holding protests all around the globe to attract the attention of the international community. Pakistan has become restless due to these intensifying voices for independence coming from within the country. 

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