Indian Army officials discuss challenges related to security

New Delhi: The security challenges faced on the Indo-Pak and Indo-China borders were discussed by the Indian Army officials during their conference. There was also an appeal made to try and bring the radicalized youth under the national influence. At the same time, the point that there is no option left other than galloping towards modernization of the army was emphasized in this conference.


In the last month itself, the senior Indian military officials had expressed their concern regarding the ongoing movements of the Pakistan and Chinese army. Both of these India’s neighbouring nations are galloping towards the modernization and highest upgradation. In such circumstances, the Indian army takes a lot of time to modernise and purchase the required equipment to solve the security related challenges. Thus, if the conflict were to be faced simultaneously on both the borders, the challenge would become even more difficult to face, indicated the Indian army. In view of this, the importance of this military conference that started since Monday increased.

Indian Military General, Bipin Rawat emphasised on the importance of being prepared for war in this conference, and everybody must start working in the right direction for this, he clearly stated. At the same time, General Rawat also expressed his contentment by saying that the Indian army is being well prepared to face the challenges related to the nation’s security. Later, the discussion about topics related to the nation’s security and challenges faced happened at a length in this conference.
The military officials also presented points to face the rising extremism in the state of Jammu-Kashmir. The military officials also appealed to bring these radicalised youth under the positive influence of the nation.

The case of frequent violation of ceasefire at the LoC in Jammu-Kashmir was also taken a serious notice of, in this military conference. Pakistan has been constantly violating ceasefire on the border and inciting India. A more powerful system must be utilised to counter this issue, claimed the military officials. Meanwhile, it is being said that this conference will conclude on Saturday, with a discussion at length based on the challenges faced on the Indo-China border.

It is claimed that there is a possibility of an increased conflict in Doklam, when the Indian and the Chinese army would stand their grounds facing each other. In such circumstances, the army has aimed to increase the defence preparedness on the eastern border. Hence, this project of upgrading the fundamental facilities has been taken up by the military and some of them have been initiated at a faster pace.

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