India serious about the security of the neighbouring countries, Defence Chief Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: While the whole world is focussing on the tension between India and China on the Line of Actual Control (LAC), the Chief of Defence Staff has made a very suggestive statement. General Rawat has said that the Indian security is not limited only to the international border, Line of Control (LoC) or the LAC. Taking into account the rapid developments, India will have to ensure the security of the strategically important places, even in the neighbouring countries. The Defence Chief seems to have targeted the aggressive Chinese policies to increase its influence in India’s neighbouring countries in an attempt to subdue India.

India serious about the security of the neighbouring countries, Defence Chief Bipin RawatThe Chinese aggression continues on the LAC, and the movements of the Chinese fighter jets have also increased. At the same time, Chinese destroyers have also increased patrolling in the Indian Ocean region. India is keeping a close watch on all these Chinese movements, and General Rawat has given clear indications that India will also be increasing the scope of its military perimeter. Defence Chief General Rawat said that this issue is being discussed with the Chief of Staff Committee and Cabinet Committee on Security. General Rawat also mentioned the LoC with Pakistan while talking about the LAC. At the same time, the Defence Chief, by mentioning the strategic locations in the extended military perimeter, has delivered the message that India is serious about the security of Indonesia, Singapore and the Indian allies in the Middle East.

India is seriously considering the demand made by Indonesia and Singapore, from the South China Sea region, for military cooperation against China. A few days ago, India delivered a jolt to China by sending warships to the South China Sea. It was reported that this Indian Naval deployment was featured even in the discussions to resolve the border dispute. Till now, China was increasing pressure on India by expanding the deployment in the India Ocean. But this Indian naval deployment seems to have made China insecure.

While the US warships are already present in the South China Sea, the Indian Navy’s presence adds to the pressure on China, and at the same time, comes as a relief for the other countries in the sector. India has demonstrated what it can do if there is a conflict with China with this deployment in the South China Sea. Defence Chief General Rawat too has delivered a message that India is serious about the security of the neighbouring and geographically close countries. Meanwhile, the Defence Chief has assured that India will be maintaining the balance of military cooperation with both Russia and the United States.

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