Indian Air Force better equipped than China on eastern border, assures Air Force Chief Dhanoa

New Delhi: Indian Air Force is better equipped and in a better state than China on its eastern border, says Indian Air Force Chief B. S. Dhanoa. Since past few days, it is seen that China has been increasing its movements along their border with India and deploying its advanced aircrafts here. Indian Military Chief had expressed concern over this. However, it is seen that the Indian Air Force Chief having stated that India is in a position to gain dominance over the Eastern border, has conveyed the appropriate ‘message’ to China.

Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa while speaking at the Air Force Base at Halwara claimed that Air Force is well equipped on its eastern border. President Ramnath Kovind was present for this progamme. While speaking on this occasion, Air Force Chief claimed that Indian Air Force is completely prepared at its border alongside China and is much more well-equipped than China. ‘When the question of the Air Force capability arises, India always proves to be superior to China,’ Air Chief Dhanoa said. The preparedness of the Air Force and the geographical conditions here prove to be favourable for India, Air Force Chief said.

Even then funds have been asked for from the Defense Ministry for the required equipments to increase the security capability here, informed Air Chief Dhanoa. Also, the proposal of using the domestic airports in the North-Eastern states for Air Force is acceptable, Air Chief added. Meanwhile, China has declared to deploy their advanced fighter planes on its air bases alongside the Indian border. The Chinese media has propagated the information regarding this. Chinese media has underlined that this decision has been taken considering the threat to China from India.

On this background, Army Chief, General Bipin Rawat had expressed concern over the movements of China in the neighbouring regions of Indian border. However, Air Chief has warned China stating that the Indian Air Force is well prepared to retaliate against China. The Air Chief has also brought to the notice that the Indian Air Force is placed at a much advantageous position than China in the Eastern border and the Air Force capacity here is quite enormous. Strong reaction from China is expected over these statements.

Since past few months, it is clearly being depicted that the Chiefs of the Indian Security forces have been making statements directly against China and based on this China cannot keep India under pressure.

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