Indian soldiers will strike again inside Pakistan if need be, warns the Home Minister

Lucknow: Home minister of India, Rajnath Singh issued a stern warning with the words ‘India is capable of finishing its enemy even across the border. This has been proved by the brave Indian soldiers. India will not hold back such actions if need be, in the future.’ Currently along the Jammu and Kashmir’s LoC and also at the international border, there are frequent incidents of clashes between the Indian and Pakistan armies creating a war like situation. The warning by the Home Minister becomes more relevant in view of the situation. The Army Chief had issued a similar warning to Pakistan a few days ago.


Indian-Soldiers-strikeThe Home minister was speaking at a function in Lucknow. The Indian army had killed 3 Pakistani soldiers entering the Pakistan border, in retaliation of the cowardly attack by the Border Action Team (BAT) on the line of control. The Home Minister warned Pakistan referring to this action. ‘India wants friendly relations with Pakistan, but Pakistan is not willing to mend its ways. The brave Indian soldiers have shown that, if need be India is capable of killing its enemies not only on the Indian soil but also across the border in any country. India will not hesitate to take similar action if a situation demands.’ is what Rajnath Singh said.

The Army chief, Bipin Rawat had issued a warning that the army will act against the terrorists inside Pakistan. There have been increasing incidents of firings and mortar attacks on the Line of Control (LOC) and the international border in J&K. Taking an advantage of these attacks, Pakistan plans to facilitate the passage of terrorists into India. The Indian intelligence agencies have informed that the terrorist groups have been assembled at the border in accordance to this plan. On this background, while aptly responding to the Pakistani firing, the Indian army has raised the alertness all along the LOC and the international border.

Army chief General Rawat has been repeatedly warning that Pakistan will have to pay dearly if it does not stop anti-India activities and terrorist insurgency. The Home Minister has reiterated the same warning in straight words. There are indications that the acts of terrorism by Pakistan will be handled more strongly in the coming time. Strategic analysts in Pakistan have been saying that India is in a mood to teach Pakistan a lesson, in case of a terror attack. 

40 thousand villagers migrate from J&K border areas

Jammu: The indiscriminate firing and mortar attacks are causing thousands of villagers to migrate to safe places. As per information about 40000 villagers have migrated till date. Many villages along the border have been deserted. Although the firing has stopped since Sunday morning, the situation in the area is much tensed. According to a report by the Indian intelligence agencies there will be attempts of terrorist insurgence across the international border and the LOC in view of the 26th of January. The security forces have been alerted due to the report.

Mortar attacks by Pakistan along the J&K border are going on since last four days. Pakistan is targeting the villages along the border along with the army posts. 6 have died and 60 civilians have been injured in these attacks. Reacting to these attacks, villagers say that they are experiencing a war in this area. They have started migrating leaving their everything behind. Some of these have said this is a temporary migration for security reasons.

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