Defence Ministry approves amendments for advanced technology, Chief of Staff General Bipin Rawat

New Delhi: Chief of Military Staff, General Bipin Rawat, announced that necessary amendments are being made to face the challenges of the changing war techniques of the modern times and the defence ministry had accepted the proposal. The Chief of Staff gave important information that as per this, the military headquarters will undergo restructuring. The Chief of Staff was addressing the function held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Kargil victory. The Chief of Staff also claimed that Pakistan would not venture into a misadventure like Kargil again.

defence department, india, bipin rawatA third deputy chief will be appointed during the restructuring. The person holding this post will be handling policy matters, and analysis of confidential information and matters connected with propaganda wars and cyberwars will be under the purview of this official. As of now, there are two deputy chiefs in the Indian Military. General Rawat clarified that as per the new policy a third post has been proposed and the defence ministry also has sanctioned the proposal.

Along with this, the headquarters in New Delhi also will undergo structural changes. The Chief of Staff claimed that 20% of the officials appointed in the Military headquarters could be transferred to other locations, is a very positive development. The Chief of Staff said that necessary changes are being made to expedite the processes and expressed confidence that this will also accelerate the decision-making process. General Rawat said that all these changes are necessary for the modern-day war techniques, and rapid steps are being taken in that direction.

There are major upheavals in the war techniques with the advances in science and technology. The countries advanced in economy and military are also working on qualitative improvement rather than increasing the number of soldiers. Almost all the countries have adopted a policy of increasing the use of technology and keeping the numbers of soldiers limited, and a country like China also is not an exception. In this scenario, India has to make changes to its conventional war policies. Accordingly, changes are being made to the Indian policies and The Chief of Staff indicated the same thing.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Staff retorted ‘Pakistan, who started the Kargil war in 1999, will not venture into a misadventure again, as it has faced the consequences.’ The Chief of Staff expressed confidence ‘Within the next few years Pakistan will not even think of infiltration into India.’

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