India foils Pakistan plot at the UNSC

New York: – India foiled Pakistani plot to tarnish the Indian image, by getting two of its citizens declared as terrorists, by the UN Security Council. The proposal was blocked as it was opposed by countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Belgium. This is the third failed Pakistani attempt in this year. The Indian foreign ministry has reacted that the Pakistan attempt to politicise the functioning of the UN counterterrorism sanctions committee, failed because of this.   

India-pakistan-UNSC A proposal to declare Indian citizens Angara Appaji and Gobinda Patnaik as terrorists was presented by Pakistan, in the UNSC’s 1267 Committee for Counterterrorism Sanctions. Pakistan accused that these two were involved in the terror attacks carried out in Pakistan. But Pakistan could not produce any evidence in support of the accusation. The United States, the United Kingdom, Germany France and Belgium demanded proof from Pakistan. Thereafter, the proposal was blocked given the opposition from these countries.   

Before this, in June, Pakistan had submitted a proposal to declare Venumadhav Dogra and Ajay Mistry at terrorists to the UNSC committee. Even then Pakistan could not substantiate the accusation with evidence and with the United States opposing the proposal; it was blocked.   

Pakistan is coming to be known around the world, as the country nurturing terrorists. Pakistan keeps making a noise that India is behind all this. Against this background, now Pakistan is making attempts to malign the Indian image. Pakistan has started making noise that Indians are involved in the terror attacks in Pakistan. The proposals presented before the UNSC committee are a part of the same efforts.  

Anurag Srivastava, the foreign ministry spokesman, said in his reaction’ Pakistan was making a shameless attempt to politicise the functioning of the UNSC’s 1267 Committee for Counterterrorism Sanctions.’ TS Tirumurti, Indian representative in the United Nations said, ‘We thank all the members of the UN Security Council who foiled the Pakistani attempt.   

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