Chinese President cancels Pakistan visit

Beijing: – Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who claimed that the economic future of his country is linked to China, faced disappointment on Friday. Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Pakistan has been postponed. Pakistan had a lot of expectations from the visit. The Pakistani journalists were claiming that President Jinping wanted to deliver a message to the world that Pakistan is China’s closest ally. But it is clear that the visit had to be postponed, because of the tension created in the India and Taiwan issues.  

Jinping was scheduled to visit Pakistan in June. But given the Coronavirus pandemic, the visit has been postponed. Thereafter, reports had been published that Jinping will visit Pakistan in the first week of August. Pakistan Foreign Minister had bragged, after his China visit, that Chinese President Jinping was very keen to visit Pakistan. Moreover, the visit was important for Pakistan in the contest of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The talk was that some important agreements would be signed between the two countries. After Saudi Arabia and the global financial institutions turned their back, Pakistan, trapped up to its neck in debt, had a lot of expectation from President Jinping’s visit. Therefore, Pakistan has received a severe blow due to the postponement of the visit.   

On Thursday, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said during an interview with a news channel that Pakistan’s economic future is linked to China. Imran Khan also expressed confidence that the Chinese growth rate is more than any country in the world. Imran Khan also insisted that this Chinese progress will definitely help Pakistan. Imran Khan was trying to create the right ambience for the Chinese President’s visit. These efforts of the Pakistani Prime Minister to please the Chinese President seem to be part of the efforts for securing billions of dollars in loan from China. Although the reason forwarded for cancellation of the visit is Coronavirus pandemic, it is certain that Jinping visit is cancelled in view of the escalating India-China tension in Ladakh.  

Meanwhile, two weeks ago, Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi had visited China. Qureshi ran to China after tension was created between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Following, the Saudi demand for repayment of a billion dollars, Pakistan pleaded with China, as usual. But at that time, even junior officials were not present at the airport to welcome him. Reports were received that the Pakistan Foreign Minister had to experience major insults during his visit.   

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