US imposes sanctions against 11 companies linked to Iran

Washington: The United States imposed sanctions on 11 foreign companies, assisting Iran in oil trade. One of the companies is from China. The United States has accused that these companies have violated the sanctions imposed by the United States, against Iran. The United States announced these sanctions, while the European countries, Russia and China were in a meeting to stop the United States from imposing sanctions against Iran. Meanwhile, Iran is inciting the United States, saying that despite the US sanctions, Iran can develop any weapons without any obstruction.

US imposes sanctions against 11 companies linked to IranOn Thursday, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions against 11 companies, assisting Iran in the export of Petroleum products and Petrochemicals. Along with six Iranian companies, there are companies from the United Arab Emirates and China. The United States has accused that these companies have illegally assisted Iran in exporting petroleum products, violating the US sanctions, imposed against Iran. A possible additional action is also indicted against Triliance Petrochemicals Company Limited, from Hong Kong. The United States imposed sanctions in January 2020, against this company. This company had given millions of dollars to the Iranian national oil company. The United States had lashed out at this company saying that these funds were being misused to sponsor terrorism. But as this company was found to be involved in Iranian oil exports, even after this, a possibility of more stringent action against this company is being predicted.

Whereas, the United States took action against three officials from the companies blacklisted by the United States. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, lashed out at Iran for supplying funds to terrorists under the disguise of oil trade. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, warned ‘Iran should strop exploiting its natural resources to fund terrorism and stop the destruction in this sector.’ Pompeo also warned that the US actions would continue. Pompeo said that these US sanctions are an effort to establish peace and stability in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, Iran has stated that it is not scared of these US sanctions. The Iranian foreign ministry emphasised that Iranian weapons development will continue, despite the harshest sanctions imposed by the United States. Iran claimed that the United States could not stop Iran from acquiring weapons. The United States has been imposing sanctions against Iran after it scrapped the nuclear deal signed with Iran. The United States has said that Iran is violating the sanctions by developing nuclear weapons and missiles and appealed that the other countries also should support these sanctions against Iran. But after the UN Security Council rejected the US proposal, the United States had warned of Snap Back sanctions against Iran.

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