India to deploy IBG on Pakistan border

New Delhi: The Indian military is planning to deploy the Integrated Battle Group (IBG) near the Pakistan border. The deployment of IBG, capable of making split-second decisions, on the Pakistan border, is a vital decision taken by India against Pakistan. This can have major consequences in the near future. IBG will be deployed in October, and after that, the IBG may be deployed near the Chinese border too.

The proposal for the establishment of IBG came from the suggestions made by the senior military officials. As per the senior military officials, there was a need to formulate a different policy and strategy to counter the terrorist threat across the Jammu-Kashmir and other borders. As per that, the decision to form ‘Integrated Battle Group’ units, able to take split-second decisions in a situation, was taken.

Every IBG will have three to four units, and every unit will have a minimum of 800 soldiers. IBG will be led by an officer of the Major General rank. Under the leadership of this officer, nearly 5,000 soldiers could be active. This system has been planned to take action in unexpected situations, and Indian Chief of Staff Bipin Rawat is said to be very keen on the formation of the IBG. As per military Chief Rawat, this system will prove to be very useful in a war scenario.

India, IBG, pakistan borderDefence Minister Rajnath Singh has decided to provide all the necessary assistance for the formation of these units. From October, IBG will be deployed near the Pakistan border. As per received information, the IBG units will be deployed near the Chinese border in the near future. Meanwhile, in changing times, India cannot depend on conventional war techniques and military arrangements. The analysts have consistently pointed out that future security challenges will be entirely different, and India should be prepared for them.

Against this background, India has made preparations to form the IBG, and this comes as a stern warning for Pakistan. The Pakistani efforts to push terrorists into the state of Jammu-Kashmir to carry out terror attacks have not stopped. India has announced that the terror attacks will not be tolerated and will be retaliated with military action.

The surgical strike carried out by India after the Uri attack and the attack on Balakot following the Pulwama terror attack, demonstrated the changed Indian policies.

In this situation, it seems that India has made preparations to retaliate severely, against the Pakistani misadventures, with formation and deployment of IBG.

India cannot reply with conventional military action, while Pakistan is using terrorism. India will have to develop different capabilities for this. As per the military analysts, India does not have an alternative other than implementing more imaginative policies and abilities, to give a fitting reply to the terror attacks and the inciting activities of the Pakistan military on the border. India seems to have started work on these strategies with the deployment of IBG.

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