India accelerates defence equipment purchases 

New Delhi: – Two of the super-advanced Israeli assault rifles will soon be made in India. The super-advanced assault rifles can play an important role in counter-terrorism and campaigns against Naxalites along with the border conflicts. Information is also being received that India will also be purchasing Spike Firefly Kamikaze drones from Israel. India is also preparing to buy Raven drones from the United States. A report had been published only a few hours ago that India is purchasing another 72,000 Sig 716 rifles from the United States. India seems to have accelerated the purchase of defence equipment from its allies, the United States and Israel.   

Following the Galwan Valley conflict with China, India has initiated rapid steps to get the military well-equipped with advanced weapons and defence equipment. Under this, India has accelerated the purchase of fighter jets and the air defence system. The decision to purchase additional 72,000 rifles is also believed to be a part of the same preparations. India will be manufacturing super-advanced assault rifles in collaboration with Israel, in the country under the ‘Make in India’ campaign, so that the readiness of any of the defence forces, Airforce, Navy and paramilitary forces along with the Army, is not compromised.   

The Israeli rifles, Arad and Carmel, will be manufactured at the manufacturing facility set up by Indian Punj Lloyd and Israeli Israel Defence Systems. The Israeli Tavor assault rifles are already being manufactured at the facility, and therefore, it is claimed that the manufacture of the Arad and Carmel assault rifle will be expedited. Indian military will be purchasing Spike Firefly drones from Israel.   

This drone is used to locate the enemy and even to attack. At the same time, this drone can also play the role of a suicide attacker. Therefore, the inclusion of this multirole drone in the Indian military will be essential. Whereas, India is also purchasing the super-advanced Raven drones from the United States for surveillance in the border areas. The fleet of Rafael fighter jets purchased from France is also reaching in the country by the end of this month. 

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