India to buy killer drones from Israel, proposal cleared by the Defence department

New Delhi: India will be purchasing Harop Drones capable of hitting the enemy targets precisely, along with surveillance. The defence department has cleared the purchase of 54 such drones from Israel. It is claimed that there will be a huge boost to the Air force fleet, if these Killer drones gets inducted in the fleet.

India, killer drones, defence, israelThe Air force had already submitted a demand for 110 drones. These drones will be equipped with Electro-optical sensors. This enables precise surveillance of the military movements of the enemy nations. With these drones it will be possible to keep an eye on target locations and attack them. The purchase of these Harop killer drones was approved in a high-level meeting of the defence department in the last week. Accordingly, India will be purchasing 54 drones from Israel.

The induction of Harop drones in the Indian Air Force fleet will tremendously strengthen the capability of the Air force. The purchase of other attack drones is also being discussed with Israel, under Project Cheetah. These drones will be purchased for all the three service of the Indian defence forces. The talks with Israel, regarding this, are progressing well. The development of indigenous drones capable of attack, along with surveillance is also underway. These drones will be deployed on the Chinese and Pakistani borders.

India will also be purchasing such killer drones from the United States. The purchase has been discussed at a high-level meeting between India and the United States. The Trump administration has already cleared the sale of Advanced Unmanned Combat Arial Vehicle to India. Pakistan expresses concerns over the enhanced defence capability with the purchase of these drones from the United States and Israel.

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