India to have missile agreement with Israel

In order to strengthen the air defense of the country, India would be building medium range missiles in cooperation with Israel, for which the Central Ministry has given approval for this Rs. 17,000 crore agreement. This important decision has been taken prior to the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Israel.


india flagThis year, India and Israel complete 25 years of political relationship. Last year the President of  Israel, Reuven Rivlin, had visited India. During the  visit , leaders of both the nations had detailed discussion regarding missile development. Accordingly, India and Israel would be developing Medium-Range Surface-to-Air Missile (MRSAM). This missile operating from the ground to the sky is a medium range missile. It is a version of Israel’s long range missile – LRSAM.

 India’s Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) and Israel’s aircraft industry would be jointly developing this missile which would make the Indian air space more  safe. In the recently concluded  ‘Aero India’ show, DRDO had handed over the “Airborne Early Warning and Control” (AEW&C) machinery  to the Indian Air Force. Apart from this, DRDO is currently developing a more advanced air defense system – ‘ AEWACS ‘.   

This system developed by DRDO, along with the Falcon system that is already a part of the fleet of the Indian Defense,  together  would  make the Indian air defense additionally  stronger. Along with this, India is going to develop  MR-SAM for its air defense,  with Israel.  

The Indian Prime Minister is scheduled to visit Israel this year. The approval to  this agreement by the ministry could be  considered  a  prerequisite  to the Prime Minister’s visit. Important announcements are expected in the area of  defense cooperation with Israel  in this visit.

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