Senior Indian and Chinese officials discuss border dispute  

New Delhi: – Discussions are starting afresh between Indian and Chinese military, regarding the border dispute. Before these discussions, China has initiated the process of military withdrawal from the Galwan Valley and Pangong Tso regions. But it is being reported that India will be asking for maps in support of the claims made by China, during this round of talks. China had shrewdly avoided this during the previous rounds of talks. But the Indian military will be insisting for the maps during the discussions, this time around.  

A wave of intense anger erupted in India, following the martyrdom of 20 soldiers including Colonel Santosh Babu. The Indian population is demanding a severe action against China, who carried out a deceitful attack on Indian soldiers. Even before this there have been strong anti-China sentiments in India. But they subsided with time. Chinese products kept invading Indian markets and China thought that the situation will be the same once again. But the Chinese communist regime has realised that they made a mistake by taking the Indian reaction for granted on all the three, political, military and economic fronts. Therefore, China has taken a soft stand in the border dispute.  

Chinese mouthpiece, Global Times, which was earlier claiming that the Indian population does not have an alternative for Chinese products has started talking about cooperation. Global Times, which was claiming that the Chinese military might is many times that of India, has started saying that nobody will benefit from a conflict. Chinese foreign ministry and diplomats are appealing to resolve the issue through negotiations, citing friendly relations. The change in the Chinese stand is the result of the aggressive decisions taken by India on political, military and economic fronts. There is discontent regarding China around the world, in view of the Coronavirus pandemic. Leading countries of the world are preparing for a joint action against China. The United States along with its allies has increased military pressure on China. At the same time, the United States has started cornering China on the political and economic fronts.  

China is jaded with all this. In this scenario, China cannot afford to take and aggressive stand against India in the border dispute. Therefore, China is speaking a language of resolving the border dispute amicably. But India is fully aware that China will restart its attempts to intrude into the Indian territory, moment the situation becomes favourable. India is therefore demanding that China should clearly state its final stand on the border dispute. China is claiming rights on the Indian territory from Arunachal Pradesh to Ladakh. But it will be difficult for China to push these claims forward. China who has realised that the technique of keeping India unaware and capturing territories will not work henceforth and India does not pay any heed to Chinese military pressures, is making desperate attempts to save its place in the Indian marketplace. Therefore, there is no possibility of China taking a clear open stand on the Indian demand. 

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