70 die due to floods and landslide in Assam  

Dispur: The situation in Assam has severed as the Brahmaputra river has flooded due to the downpour, killing 44 people.  Moreover, 26 others have died due to landslide. So far, 13 lakh people have been displaced due to the floods. Besides, the NDRF and SDRF have initiated rescue operations. On Sunday, the Chief Minister of Assam assessed the situation of floods. Moreover, the CM has ordered the agencies to reach out to every district with aid.

Lakhimpur, Chirang, Barpeta, Nagaon, Goalpara and Dibrugarh districts are gravely affected by this disaster. Hundreds of villages are flooded. Thousands of houses have gotten demolished. Roads have developed pits. Moreover, 82,546 hectares of the village is deep in water. In the last 24 hours, thousands of Assamese citizens have been displaced. Moreover, the NDRF and SDRF personnel are taking vigorous efforts to rescue them. On Sunday, the NDRF rescued 467 villagers from the floods in Barpeta district. Besides, they also erected 224 temporary camps and relocated 21,000 citizens.

The NDRF is facing challenges in rescue operations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The soldiers are getting into the water, kit up with the PPE and jackets. Besides, the rescued citizens have been screen-tested and medically checked. The suspected patients are being tested in the camps. Furthermore, the Kaziranga National Park in Assam is also heavily flooded. So far, 41 animals from this park have drowned away. Besides, 8,00,000 animals have gotten dislocated over the state.

Meanwhile, in the next 48 hours, Assam will face a torrential downpour, anticipates the Indian Meteorological Department. Hence, this will worsen the flood situation in the state, warned the IMD. Furthermore, River Brahmaputra has crossed the warning limit and therefore, the flood poses a threat to Arunachal Pradesh too, as per the warnings.   

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