Sanction Pakistan for fighting covert war in Afghanistan, demands ex-Canadian Minister

Ontario/Islamabad – Former Canadian Minister and diplomat Chris Alexander has called for sanctions on Pakistan, which is waging a covert war against Afghanistan by openly supporting the Taliban. He also accused Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan of being a deceitful, shameless liar and a supporter of the Taliban. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has reacted to the statement and has made a bizarre demand that the Canadian government take action against its former leader.


Afghanistan, Canada, PakistanFifteen years ago, Chris Alexander, a diplomat in Afghanistan and later a Minister in the Canadian government, is a staunch supporter of democracy in Afghanistan. At the same time, Alexander, a bitter opponent of the Taliban and Pakistan who have rocked the fundamentals of democracy in Afghanistan, has criticised Pakistan for the last few years. Therefore, Alexander has supporters on Afghan social media and Vice President Amrullah Saleh is also seen appreciating the anti-Pakistan remarks of the former Canadian Minister.

Last week, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that his country was not a spokesman for the Taliban. The next day, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi defended the Taliban, saying that the Taliban would not allow IS to operate in Afghanistan. Chris Alexander attacked the pro-terrorism policies of Pakistan. Alexander also recalled that Imran Khan had openly supported the Taliban before becoming Prime Minister.

The United Nations and the United States had temporarily approved the Taliban to establish peace in Afghanistan through a ceasefire. But the Taliban have made their objectives clear by carrying out attacks in Afghanistan. Alexander demanded, ‘Therefore, the United Nations and US President Joe Biden should withdraw their recognition awarded to Taliban and impose sanctions on those involved in the covert war in Afghanistan’.

Alexander echoed the concerns expressed by the United Nations Security Council over the escalating violence in Afghanistan to substantiate. Two days ago, Alexander also targeted China. Alexander called for an end to Pakistan’s covert war against the Afghan government, with the Taliban, to stop China from invading and committing genocide.

There was a reaction from Pakistan regarding the demand for sanctions made by the former Canadian Minister. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry has demanded that the Canadian government take action against Alexander, who has accused Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Surprise is being expressed that Pakistan is being upset with a former official’s statement.

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