Iran shells border areas of Pakistan

Islamabad: Tension between Iran and Pakistan has reached unprecedented levels and so the Iranian army fired mortar shells at the border areas of Pakistan. Though no casualties have been reported, this attack has been claimed to be a warning to Pakistan. Few days back the defense head of Iran had alleged that the terrorists are getting shelter in Pakistan and such areas could be attacked, he had warned. On this background, this attack on Iran is being considered a serious one.

As per the information by the Pakistani army, mortar attacks have been launched in Chaghai area of Balochistan in Pakistan. Pakistani news channel, Geo TV, reported that mortar attacks took place at five places. It has been claimed that most of the border areas have been damaged in the attacks held on Sunday morning. More information has not come to the fore as Pakistani army has stopped media visiting these areas. Surprise is being expressed as Iran launches mortar attacks.

Until now the Iranian forces had only opened firing on the border areas of Pakistan. This was in retaliation to the firing from Pakistani side as well as Iran opened fire on the terrorists fleeing to Pakistan. On this background, the severity of such mortar attacks launched by the Iranian forces on the border areas of Pakistan has increased.

From last few weeks, tension  in the Iranian-Pakistani border areas has increased. Two weeks ago, Major General Mohammed Bagheri, Chief of Iranian Armed forces  had accused that Pakistani border areas are safe havens of terrorists. After India and Afghanistan, Iran is the third neighbouring country to have accused thus. Major General Bagheri also indicated that Iran will not tolerate terrorist attacks from Pakistani borders, any further.

“If Pakistan will not take action against the terrorists who infiltrate Iranian borders and attack, Iran will take stringent view of this and will crush such terrorists”, said the Iranian Army Chief giving an indication of aggressive stance.This shelling of Pakistani borders by Iranian forces thus looks like Iran is taking serious action on such terrorist havens.

Last month, eight Iranian guards posted on the border were killed by these terrorists. Iran had claimed that Jaish-ul-Adl, a terrorist group situated in Pakistan was responsible for these killings. The terrorists belonging to this group had used long range guns to kill the Iranian army men, accused the Iranian army.

Iran had conveyed its strong displeasure to Pakistan on this incident. “The terrorists target Iranian guards using big guns from Pakistani borders, this means that Pakistani defense forces are turning a blind eye towards these terrorist”, Iran has made this severe allegation.

Meanwhile a few days ago, the Foreign minister of Iran during his visit  to Pakistan, had asked  PM Nawaz Sharif to take appropriate measures towards the security on the Iran-Pakistan border. Thereafter the external affairs minister Zarif clarified Iran’s stance on terrorism during his Afghanistan visit soon also.

“Iran does not distinguish between terrorism as good or bad. Afghanistan and Iran need to be together in fighting the terrorism. This is necessary for both the countries to secure their borders”, thus appealed the external affairs minister of Iran to Afghanistan as well as warned Pakistan. At the same time, Iran had given a stinging advice to Pakistan which is leading Saudi Arabia-led anti-terror alliance of countries that Pakistan should also take action on the terrorists inside its own land


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