Hungary shall not bow to EU’s blackmail over the migrant issue; warns Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban

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Strasberg: ‘The European Union is targeting Hungary, as the Hungarian people have decided that they don’t want this to be an immigrant country. But Hungary shall not bow to EU’s blackmail. Hungary shall continue to defend its borders, stop illegal immigration and defend its rights against you, too, if necessary.,’ warned Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban to the EU.

A report was recently presented to the European Union, about the Hungarian ruling government’s treatment of the migrants and its misuse of the law and freedom of media. The report was discussed in the European Parliament on Tuesday. At this time, while presenting the Hungarian side, Prime Minister Orban showered vitriolic criticism on the European Union.

Accusing that the decision to act against Hungary has already been taken, Orban termed the Union as a ‘Group with a migrant majority’. He claimed that the action by the Union against Hungary is an insult to the country. Orban firmly stated that Hungary is a defender for Europe and the Hungarian opinions regarding the position and identity of nations in the Union, are different from others.

But these differences cannot be a reason for branding a country and removing it from the decision-making process, clarified Orban in his statement in the European Parliament.

The European Union has accepted a proposal for an action against Hungary, under Article 7. The implementation of the action will take its time, but this is considered to be a major jolt to Hungary.

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