Hezbollah has hidden explosives at one more place, accuses Israeli Prime Minister

Jerusalem: – There is one more major mishap in the waiting, in the Lebanese capital of Beirut. Hezbollah has made massive storage of explosives in the civilian areas, near the Beirut international airport. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during his speech in the United Nations General Assembly, appealed to the Lebanese population that they should start strong protests against Hezbollah and its supporter Iran, without waiting for another dreadful mishap. The seriousness of the accusations made by the Israeli Prime Minister increases further, following the massive blast in a warehouse in the Beirut port in the last month. Whereas, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has dismissed the accusation.  

Nasrallah-HezbollahThere was a powerful blast in the Beirut port, on the 4th of August. More than 200 people were killed in the blast. It was exposed that the reason for the blast was the illegally stored Ammonium Nitrate, in one of the warehouses. US and Israeli media accused that this illegal stock belonged to Hezbollah. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded of the blast and warned that one more massive explosion is possible in Beirut. Netanyahu warned that a dreadful blast similar to the Beirut port is possible in the Janah area, near the Beirut international airport.   

Netanyahu claimed that the Hezbollah has stocked rockets and missiles in the Janah area, surrounded by the Gas station and Gas company. If timely action is not taken against this Hezbollah stock, another mishap like the Beirut port, may be inevitable. Netanyahu said that therefore, people form Janah and Beirut need to come together and protest against this Hezbollah warehouse. Netanyahu added that the Lebanese people have a threat from Iran and not from Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister demanded in the UN General Assembly that even the international community should take action against this arms warehouse of the Hezbollah.  

Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah chief dismissed the Israeli claim, through a video, published within the next few hours. He accused the Israeli Prime Minister of instigating the Lebanese people, giving them false information. Whereas, the Hezbollah supporters took journalists on tour to the Janah area. Hezbollah retorted that the warehouse claimed by the Israeli Prime Minister does not exist in Janah. Even two years ago, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu had levelled allegations that explosives are stocked in Beirut, during his speech in the UN General Assembly, producing photographs of various locations in Beirut. Hezbollah had dismissed the Israeli allegations, even then. But last month, there was a massive explosion in Beirut and it is claimed that Israel had a hand in the blast. Therefore, the accusations made by the Israeli Prime Minister could be a forewarning for a new blast.   

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