ISIS is expanding into South Asia with help from Pakistan

Geneva: – Although ISIS has been nearly finished in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist organisation has increased its influence rapidly in South Asia. A leading European think tank warned that the infamous Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, is assisting IS in expanding its influence in South Asia. 70% of the terrorists in IS are Pakistanis, and these terrorists have come from terrorist organisations like Haqqani network, Jamaat-Ul-Dawa and Lashkar-e-Taiba. The think tank claimed that the ISI has taken a firm grip over the terrorist organisation IS. The European think tank also accused that ISI is using the IS to carry out terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir and Afghanistan.  

isis-isi The think tank, European Foundation for South Asia Studies (UFSAS), organised a webinar on the occasion of the 45th UN General Assembly. During the webinar, observers from the European think tank discussed the threat of the increasing influence of IS in South Asia. After losing its power in Iraq and Syria, following the US action, the organisation has become active in South Asia under the name Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP). The area of influence of this organisation is Pakistan and Afghanistan. Timothy Foxley, a senior observer with the European think tank, claimed that the increasing power of the IS is a major cause for concern against the background of the US-Taliban peace deal and the subsequent US military withdrawal.   

It has been claimed that currently, ISKP has nearly two to three thousand terrorists in its fold. Foxley reminded that the US military has already informed that 70% of these are from Pakistan. The European think tank claimed that the Pakistani intelligence agency is making efforts to recruit more terrorists from the Haqqani network into the IS. Currently, other than the Haqqani network, terrorists from Jamaat and Lashkar are joining the IS ranks, and the European think tank alleged that the Pakistani intelligence agency is implementing its terror agenda through this terrorist organisation.   

The think tank blamed the Haqqani network and Lashkar-e-Taiba for all the terror attacks carried out by IS in India and Afghanistan. The think tank pointed out that the modus operandi of Haqqani, IS and Lashkar in the attacks is identical. The think tank also pointed out that allegations have already been made that it was ISI who supplied arms and ammunition to these terrorist organisations to carry out these attacks. It also referred to the accusations made by the Afghan security agencies about the cooperation between IS and ISI. 

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