Terrorist groups from Gaza threaten Israel with war

Beirut: – Terrorist groups from Gaza have threatened that if Israel starts ‘target killings’ once again, it will be treated as a declaration of war. In that scenario, they will shower thousands of missiles on Tel Aviv and set it ablaze. Against the background of the rocket and balloon bomb attacks from Gaza since the last 16 days, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Beni Gantz warned to start target killings. The terrorist groups from Gaza have issued the threat against it. Meanwhile, Israel has begun using the Iron Dome and laser systems to neutralise the rocket and bomb attacks launched from the Gaza Strip.  


Israel-Gaza-attacksIn the last 16 days, more than hundred balloon and rocket attacks have been launched from the Gaza Strip into the Israeli border areas. At the same time, terrorists from Hamas and Islamic Jihad have started rocket attacks since the last two days. In view of these attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Beni Gantz issued a stern warning to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and other terrorist organisations on Friday. The Israeli leaders warned that if these attacks continue, Israel will launch a target-killing campaign to destroy terrorist bases and their leaders. Defence Minister Gantz claimed that this action of the Israel military would cause major losses to the terrorist groups.   

The rocket and balloon attacks from the Gaza Strip are continuing despite the warning and the Israel military is replying to them. Amid the conflict, Al Akbar, a Hezbollah supporter newspaper published the threat issued by the terrorist groups from the Gaza Strip. The newspaper said that the terror groups threatened that if Israel initiated the target-killing campaign, killing our leaders, it would be treated as a declaration of war. In this war, we will set the city of Tel Aviv ablaze, firing thousands of missiles. Israel cannot imagine how dreadful the attacks will be. But despite the threat, the Israeli military is continuing its action in Gaza and reportedly targeted Hamas locations in Khan Younus and Rafah on Saturday.  

The spate of balloon and rocket attacks on Israel, from the Gaza Strip, started on the 6th of August and Israel has begun the use of Iron Dome and laser systems to counter rocket and balloon attacks, respectively. Israeli military informed that out of these, the Lahav Or laser system has successfully neutralised more than 90% of the targets. The Israel military has published videos of the laser system. The Israeli army will be using this system on a large scale, and Israeli media have claimed that this will reduce the threats faced by Israel. 

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