Hezbollah attacks on Israel will prove dangerous for Lebanon: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Jerusalem – Israel retaliated in the same harsh manner, to the firing by the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon, in the Israel border region. At the same time, Israeli Prime Minister warned that Hezbollah should not test the Israeli patience; otherwise, the Lebanese security will be under threat due to the Israeli attacks on Hezbollah.  

Hezbollah attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed anger over the Hezbollah firing incident. Netanyahu warned that the Hezbollah attacks on Israeli soldiers have been taken seriously and subsequently, the Israeli people and the soldiers will not tolerate such attacks. At the same time, Netanyahu warned that the Hezbollah should not test the patience of the Israeli soldiers otherwise the Hezbollah’s aggression will put the security of entire Lebanon in jeopardy. After that, the Israeli Prime Minister held an urgent meeting with Defence Minister Beni Gantz and Chief of Defence Staff Aviv Koshavi.  

Hezbollah attacks

Israel expressed this anger, against Hezbollah in the UN Security Council meeting as well. The UN peace Keeping Force has been deployed in this region, for the security of southern Lebanon and to prevent a conflict between Hezbollah and the Israeli military. Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, expressed displeasure that despite this the Hezbollah terrorists carried out attacks on the Israeli soldiers, without paying any heed to the peacekeeping force. Erdan warned that therefore, the United Nations should take action against the peacekeeping force and reprimand Hezbollah. Otherwise, not only Lebanon but the entire region will have to face the repercussions of the Hezbollah attacks.   

Hezbollah attacks

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has given a very guarded reaction about this. Whatever happened on the southern Lebanese border is a significant development. It will not be fair to comment on the development as of now. Nasrallah said that it would be more convenient for him to comment in a few days. Two days ago, the Israeli soldiers patrolling on the northern Israeli border were targeted by firing. No losses were reported in the firing. But in the next few hours, Israel despatched its fighter jets to launch a massive attack on the Hezbollah locations, near the border. Israeli military informed that Hezbollah bases were destroyed in these attacks. Following these incidents between the Israeli military and Hezbollah, the tension was created in the area for some time. 

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