Germany preparing to attack Syria

Third World War

Berlin: A leading German daily claimed that if the Assad regime resorts to a chemical attack in Syria, the German fighter jets may also join the United States, the United Kingdom and France in the air attacks in Syria. The Daily further claimed that German Defence Minister, Ursula Leyen, is exploring different strategies about the air raids on Syria.

In the month of April, French and British fighter jets had joined the United States in its attacks on Syria after the United States initiated action against the Syrian government, accusing it of chemical attacks. It is claimed that the Assad regime is once again planning a chemical attack, similar to one in April.

In view of this, the warships of the United States, the United Kingdom and France are in a state of readiness in the Mediterranean to attack Syria. The British airbase in Cyprus has also been activated. Till date, Germany had only announced assistance in the attacks, avoiding direct involvement. But for the first time, Germany has expressed willingness to participate in these attacks on the Assad regime in Syria.

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