Right-wing nationalist groups form new fronts ahead of the EU elections; Italian Matteo Salvini’s campaign leads

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Milan: Matteo Salvini, the firebrand leader from Italy known for his rightist and nationalist leanings, said ‘Our goal is winning and changing the face of Europe. Salvini announced the formation of a new front of the rightist groups, on Monday. The rightist leaders from Germany, Denmark and Finland were present for the program, to formally announce the formation of the front, named ‘European Alliance of People and Nations’. Salvini said that nearly 15 parties have joined the front and indicated that new groups and parties are expected to join the front, in the near future.

Italian-Matteo-SalviniThe presence of groups with rightist and nationalist ideologies is not restricted to some elected countries of Europe, anymore. The rightist nationalism is feeding on the trio of issues, namely autarchic administration in the European Union, migrant influx and opposition to Muslims, is getting its roots deeper, in the all the corners of Europe. The rightist groups have been seen to get notable success, in most of the elections, since 2016. The formation of this front is an effort to replicate this success, in the European parliamentary elections.

Three groups are supporting the rightist and nationalist ideology in the European parliament. Namely ‘Europe of nations and Freedom’, ‘European Conservatives and Reformists’ and ‘Europe for Direct Democracy’. Europe of nations and Freedom is the largest among them which includes political parties from 8 countries and 37 members. This group has National Rally from France and the ruling Austrian Freedom Party as members, and both these parties have supported the new front formed by Salvini. Leaders of both, Danish Peoples Party and True Finns that form the European Conservatives and Reformists were present for the meeting on Monday. Parliament members from the Alternative for Germany, the main opposition party in Germany that is a part of Europe Of Freedom and Direct Democracy, also attended the meeting organised by Salvini. At this time, Salvini expressed confidence that the European Alliance of People and nations, will emerge as the biggest, influential and aggressive group in the European parliament.

Although the objectives and motives of the parties joining the alliance, may not be matching on every count, it is believed that all the parties will remain united on the issues of Union’s functioning, Islamic people and immigrants. The participating parties have already indicated that if the front emerged as the largest group in the European Parliament, there would be major changes in the policies of the Union. Changes to the Union’s policies that are being followed since the last many years can severely jolt the system.

The Brexit has already fuelled the discontent in the European Union, and the major countries also are contemplating an exit from the Union. Against this background, a major deviation from the current policies could initiate the process of disintegration, in the Union. The European Union is considered as a symbol of Unity of the European countries, for many decades now. Its disintegration will reduce the united strength and influence at the international level. This can even have a major impact on the equations at the international level. Therefore, the indications are that Salvini’s front and its success will prove to be decisive not only for Europe but for the entire international community.

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