Coronavirus Bomb will explode in Pakistan, Pak media expresses concerns

Islamabad: – Panic has spread in Pakistan after Coronavirus claimed 17 lives in one day. Till date, Coronavirus has claimed more than 200 lives in Pakistan, whereas the number of cases has crossed 9,500. However, their news channels claim that the government statistics are misguiding and the actual figures are in multiples. Analysts express fear that Coronavirus bombs are exploding at different locations in Pakistan and the nuclear explosion of Coronavirus is in the waiting.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had said that the people of Pakistan should not fear Coronavirus. But now, Khan has started saying that the Coronavirus will play havoc in Pakistan. His concerns are becoming a reality and Imran Khan himself has been advised to undergo Coronavirus screening, by the doctors. Imran Khan is facing severe criticism that he has pushed Pakistan into a major crisis, by not imposing a timely lockdown. Analysts are expressing fears that Pakistan will have to face dire consequences of his delay in imposing the lockdown.

Imran Khan had claimed ‘I had thought that there would be more than 50,000 cases by the end of April, but that did not happen. But now he is claiming that there will be 50,000 cases of Coronavirus by the end of May.’ Everyone from Pakistani opposition party leaders to the ordinary citizens are expressing fears regarding the situation. Everyone is asking a question ‘If Imran Khan was aware that the pandemic was to attain these proportions, why did he not impose a lockdown in time?’. Therefore, the accusations of the Pakistan Prime Minister being inefficient are becoming intense. At the same time, allegations are rife that the Pakistan government is hiding the actual number of coronavirus deaths and cases in the country. Some of the journalists claimed that the actual number of deaths and cases of Coronavirus is much higher than the published figures. When the number of tests is increased, the facts will be revealed, but Pakistani news channels have expressed a heart-rending hope that it is not too late by then. Pakistan does not have a sufficient number of hospitals, ventilators to manage Coronavirus. In such a scenario, the Pakistan journalists are pointing it out to the people that if there is an outbreak of Coronavirus in Pakistan, the condition will be disastrous.

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