German Chancellor Angela Merkel stands up to Trump during Latin American visit

Mexico City/Buenos Aires: During her Latin American visit, the German chancellor Angela Merkel stated that the time when the European nations were dependent on the US is long gone. Even though the German experts have claimed that this visit is based on the background of the G-20 conference, it is deemed to be against US President Donald Trump’s policies. During Merkel’s visit to the Latin American countries of Argentina and Mexico, she has emphasized on the free-trade policies and expressed anger over the defense-based policy.

Merkel specified the agenda for her Latina American visit by saying that like other nations, Germany too is keen to find a suitable partner with mutual interests. Mexico and Argentina are considered to be the most developed economies in Latin America. The European Union is trying to initiate free trade policies with the group which includes these two nations and is currently in discussion with them. Apart from trade, the European nations are also trying to gather all possible support from the countries in the world for the “Paris Climate Agreement”.

Chancellor Merkel made sarcastic statements targeted at the US President, stating that all the problems in this world cannot be solved either by a single person or a single country. She said that all must come together and work as a group. She also mentioned that it is important for all to try to provide a human face to globalization and need to advocate the idea of a free and open world.The Argentinian President Mauricio Macri and Merkel both conducted meetings wherein they promised to implement the “Paris Climate agreement”.

There were talks about free trade agreement between “Mercosur”, a group of Latin American nations and the Argentinian president. Germany is ranked 4th as the trade partner with Argentina. This time Germany has promised Argentina to support the development in the “renewable resources” sector. During her visit, Chancellor Merkel also visited a prayer house in Juventia in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.

On Friday, Merkel met with the Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto in Mexico City. During this meeting, Merkel discussed “NAFTA”, the trade agreement and emphasized Germany’s support to Mexico on this agreement.The US President Donald Trump, has indicated with drawing the agreement between the “US-Canada-Mexico”. These talks are going to commence soon.

The German corporates have made heavy investments in Mexico, hence the future of the above agreement is deemed to be important to Germany. Germany is the largest European partner Mexico has and between them they trade almost 18 billion dollars bilaterally. That is why the support claimed by chancellor Merkel has generated a lot of interest. A few weeks ago, the German foreign minister too had visited Mexico and assured support on the “NAFTA” issue.

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