European right-wing populist groups meet in Germany as Trump swears-in

Berlin/ Koblenz : Just twenty four hours after Donald Trump became the newly elected President of the United States, the aggressive right-wing populist groups of Europe held a meeting. This meeting took place in Koblenz city in Germany, where leaders from various aggressive thinking groups had gathered, from across countries like Germany, France, Italy and Netherlands. The political group called the “Europe of Nations and Freedom” (ENF), which forms a part of the European parliament had organized this meeting. This meeting is seen to create a lot of interest as various European nations are conducting elections.

European Aggressive Right-wing Populist groups meet in Germany on the backdrop of Trump’s swearing-in ceremony

Marine Le Pen of “Front National’s” a political party in France, inaugurated this meeting by saying that on an international level, one era has ended and a new one has begun. She also highlighted that in 2016, the Anglo-Saxon community has woken up, and expressed that in 2017, the European population would be vigilant. Her statements indicated that Europe is standing on the verge of a huge transformation. 

“Freedom for Europe” was the idea that led to the creation of these right-wing groups. France’s Le Pen, also mentioned topics like “Brexit” and “Trump elected in the US” among other things in her speech. She emphasized that in Europe there would be a series of events, one after another, and that these will originate from Brexit. The French politician underlined that Europe’s independent population too will now make decisions regarding their future themselves.

She also said that Trump’s election as President of the United States is seen as another revolt after Brexit. Trump’s role with respect to Europe is quite clear and that he does not support a repressive system. Le Pen indicated that Trump’s tenure may result in partitions within the European Union and claimed that Donald Trump’s thinking is based on “Neo Liberalism”. She pertinaciously mentioned that if any European country wanted to exit the “Euro”, they should have the right to do so.

The meeting of Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) held in Germany witnessed participation from various leaders and representatives like those from Germany’s “Alternative for Germany”; Netherlands “Freedom Party” and Italy’s “Lega Nord Party”. On this background, sources have informed that, the head of “Lega Nord Party”, Matteo Salvini started a “hashtag” of “We will make our countries great again” on social media.

Salvini’s hashtag is synonymous to US President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again”. Hence it is indicative that all the European right-wing populist groups have come together and are expecting to obtain the same political success as Trump received in the United States. The analysts claim that if these European leaders are to succeed, then like United States, Europe too will accelerate the polarization process.

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