Gulf crisis may lead to war, warns German foreign minister

Berlin/Istanbul: German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel warned that the tensions amongst the major Arab countries which are seemingly dramatic may spark conflict and lead to war. Also, Iran who currently supports Qatar, need not add to the tensions in the region, rebuked the German foreign minister.

In an interview to a leading German newspaper, Foreign Minister Gabriel expressed his concerns over the circumstances pervading in the Middle East. Foreign Minister Gabriel termed the decision made by Saudi Arabia and its allied Arab nations of boycotting Qatar to be very harsh. The foreign minister also expressed that this decision by the Saudi led Arab nations has caused tensions in the Middle East and the possibility of it sparking a war amongst the oil-producing nations in the region.

The German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has claimed that there may be a resolve to the situation. German Foreign Minister Gabriel also informed that over the last few days, he had held talks with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Kuwait over the emerging crises in the Gulf. He claimed that although the crises in the Middle East were concerning, there was still a good chance to make progress. He has appealed to the Arab countries and their allies, to take a holistic approach in resolving the crises.

However, German Foreign Ministry Spokesman ‘Martin Schaefer’ issued a warning addressing Iran. He suggested that Saudi Arabia and its allied Arab nations have boycotted Qatar due to their strengthening ties with Iran. Thus, it is necessary for Iran to not fuel the conflict any further and to not worsen the situation for Qatar by escalating tensions in the Middle East, he added.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirım has also warned that the tensions in Qatar could lead to global crises. He also admonished that if the current tensions that have risen in the Middle East are not diffused, it could lead to a major global dilemma. He has also appealed to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Egypt and Libya, the countries that have isolated Qatar to take a responsible stance to deescalate tensions in the gulf region.

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