Demonstrations in Mexico against ‘NAFTA’

Mexico City: While the US  and the Mexican government had been negotiating on the ‘North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)’, thousands of Mexican citizens took to the streets in bitter protest over the NAFTA agreement. The Mexican rulers have been striving hard to prevent US from retracting; whereas, a contradictory picture of the Mexican population  opposing the deal has come to the fore.     


Donald Trump had taken a stand against ‘NAFTA’ during his election campaign. Similarly, Trump also claimed that ever since this deal was founded, in 1994, it had caused heavy losses to the United States. Even after being  elected as a President Trump had continued to maintain his stand against ‘NAFTA’. Therefore, the Mexican government started a new concerted  effort in order to prevent US from terminating the deal. Currently, while the US and the Mexican governments are holding talks over NAFTA in the capital city of the United States; Trump’s administration is strongly demanding to manipulate this operation. On the other hand, the representatives from Mexico, are striving hard   to save this deal.

Thousands of citizens in Mexico took to streets to voice their protest against the ‘NAFTA’, when the negotiations over the deal were in progress in Mexico City. It is believed that Mexico has been completely ruined after the agreement was founded in 1994. Owing to this deal, a handful leaders leading the demonstration have claimed that the condition of small farmers has worsened. The demonstrators have also been claiming that the deal has plundered the Mexico City for the last 23 years causing traumatic conditions for the farmers, is unforgettable. The Leaders of Farmers Association have demanded that the deal that has overlooked the interests of the Mexican farmers should be terminated. Although some of the Mexican farmers availed benefits from this treaty; the smaller farmers in Mexico had to compete with the bigger farmers of US but they lagged behind in this competition.

Every year, US exports agricultural products worth $18.5 billion dollar to Mexico. Following this,  the US farmers have been raising objection against US President who intends to withdraw from NAFTA. Above all, owing to this deal, several employment opportunities were outsourced to Mexico, therefore, Donald Trump has taken a stand against ‘NAFTA’. According to the sources, the deal of NAFTA has posed a challenge for Trump and he has been caught between the two blades of scissors. 

On this background the opposition from the Mexican people against ‘NAFTA’ has also intensified. Besides, if the Mexican government makes efforts to save the deal, ignoring the demands of the Mexican farmers, then the government may receive a slap back too, claimed the protestors.  

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