Turkey prepares for military action in Syria, Russia increases military deployment in Aleppo

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Ankara/Beirut: Turkey, who announced the creation of a ‘Safe Zone’ in Syria, has started military movements for implementation of the project. The United States declared that it will remain neutral in this matter, saying that the Turkish military will enter Syria any time now. However, Russia has increased its military deployment in the city of Aleppo, close to the Turkish Safe Zone.

military-deploymentLast week, Turkish President Recep Erdogan presented the proposal for the creation of a Safe Zone in Syria, in front of the UNSC general meeting. Erdogan claimed that more than 2 million immigrants, stranded in Turkey, will return to their homeland. Erdogan also announced that if the proposal is not accepted in a reasonable timeframe, the Turkish military will invade Syria for this action. Syria dismissed the proposal accusing Turkey of preparing for genocide under the disguise of the proposal of the Safe Zone.

Following a refusal from the European countries, Turkey started movements of military vehicles, artillery and tanks, near the Syrian border. It is said that the United States will take a sturdy stand against these military movements. But the United States declared that it would remain neutral, saying that it neither opposes nor supports the Turkish military action. The United States announced that soon the US military would be out of Syria and the Turkish action will begin, thereafter.

The Turkish military movements have increased, since the US announcement. Turkey declared that its military would initiate a significant action, in the region to the east of the Euphrates river. A large number of terrorists are hiding in the region to the east of Euphrates river, connecting Manjib and Deir Al-Zor. Turkey will be taking action against these terrorists, and neither the IS nor Kurdish terrorists will be spared in action. Erdogan indicated that Turkey might resort even to airstrikes, during the attacks.

Germany has expressed concerns over the Turkish movements. The German government criticised that if the Turkish military entered Syria for action, it would only lead to instability whereas, Russia, alerted by the Turkish activities, has made additional military deployments in the nearby city of Aleppo, to safeguard its own interests.

Meanwhile, Syria has threatened retaliation against Turkey, saying that the Turkish action inside Syria will be a challenge to Syrian sovereignty. Therefore, there is a possibility of a war sparking between Syria and Turkey as a fallout of the Turkish action.

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