French army reaches US base in Syria to assist the Kurds against Assad

Third World WarDamascus: It is reported that French army units have reached the US defence bases in the Kurdish dominated areas. French President Emmanuel Macron had met the Kurdish rebels in France and had given indications for support. Subsequently, during the discussions with US President Trump, Macron had indicated that the French army will join the US operation in Syria. Criticizing French actions, the Turkish President had threatened France of dire consequences.The media has said that the news of the French deployment is based on the information from local sources in Syria. The French forces have been deployed at five bases in the northern part dominated by the Kurdish rebels. US Secretary of Defence James Mattis has confirmed the news of French deployment.


france, assad, us, syria, kurds, james mattis, turkeyThe Turkish President had targeted the NATO and the United States over the issue of support to the Kurdish rebel organisations. Turkish President Recep Erdogan had levelled a serious accusation saying that a country like Turkey cannot buy arms from the United States but the US and its allies supply same arms to the terrorist organisations free of cost.

Turkey had strongly reprimanded France for inviting the Kurdish rebel leaders for discussions. Turkey had warned that any one supporting Kurds will automatically be targeted by Turkey as Turkey considers Kurdish rebels as terrorists.

As France has deployed its soldiers in the Kurdish dominated areas in spite of the warning, this may result in further deterioration of relations between Turkey and France. The presence of the French army units in Syria is believed to be a part of the plan by the United States, to make the Syrian campaign more comprehensive.

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