QUAD cooperation a major cause of concern for China, claim analysts

Beijing: Analysts are claiming that China that had scoffed at the QUAD cooperation, two years ago, like the froth on the sea, has become extremely restless. Wu Shichun, a Chinese analyst, expressed a concern that QUAD, which considers China as the possible adversary, has shifted its focus to security. Lavina Lee, an Australian analyst, said that Australia joining the Malabar exercises, through QUAD, has also caused Chinese restlessness. It has also been revealed that other countries from the Indo-Pacific also have expressed interest in joining the QUAD cooperation started between India, Japan, Australia and the United States.

QUAD cooperation a major cause of concern for China, claim analystsSince the last few days, the United States is making all the possible efforts to make QUAD fully operational. US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor are consistently in contact with the other members of QUAD. This week the US Secretaries for State and Defence will be visiting India and indications are that QUAD will be at the centre of the discussions during the visit. This has made China further restless.

Wu Shichun heads one of the Chinese government thinktanks. Therefore, concerns expressed by him are attributed to the restlessness of the Chinese government. Shichun expressed his displeasure saying ‘In the initial period, the picture was that the QUAD group would be connected to economic and security cooperation. But as of today, these groups seems to be focusing more on the security issues, portraying China as a possible adversary.’ This information was given in an article posted on the website of the South China Morning Post, located in Hongkong. The article also refers to the statements made by Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi two years ago.

QUAD cooperation a major cause of concern for China, claim analystsIn March 2018, Wang Yi had scoffed at QUAD saying that it is nothing but a froth on the Indian and Pacific Ocean Seas. But same China is forced to change its view regarding QUAD. Last month, Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister, Luo Zhaohui, criticised that QUAD is a mini NATO, formed as a front against China and is a part of the cold war mentality of the United States. The change in the tones of Chinese ministers only shows restlessness in the Chinese communist regime.

Australian analyst Lavina Lee, claimed that increasing Australian activities are a factor for Chinese restlessness. Australia is participating in the Malabar war exercises, being held on an initiative from India. Lee said that therefore, Malabar exercises would be QUAD exercises this year and this is a cause of serious concern for China.

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