France deploys aircraft carrier in fight against ISIS

Paris : Against the background of the Bastille Day terrorist attack in France’s city of Niece, French President, François Hollande has announced the plan to deploy French aircraft carriers in the operation to strongly combat IS activities and that in the next few days, the aircraft carrier ‘Charles de Gaulle’ will be sent along with ‘Battle group’ into the Gulf. The terrorist attack in France has evoked strong reactions in America and the US presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump have announced that America has entered the war against terrorism.Obama Clinton Trump

Post the terrorist attack in France on Thursday, French President Hollande has declared that France will retaliate strongly against the terrorists. Hollande has decided to beef up the nations internal security by deploying additional 10,000 reserved soldiers. It is believed that the Bastille Day attack in Niece was organised by terrorist group IS to avenge the death of ‘Omar the Chechen’.

Against this background, the French President has indicated the commitment to further intensify the anti IS operation in Iraq and Syria. “France will concentrate on fortifying its borders and simultaneously, aggressive military operations will be carried out in Iraq and Syria with full strength” said Mr Hollande. He declared that those terrorists who had attacked France will be replied strongly by counter attacks on their bases and that for this purpose along with ‘Charles de Gaulle’ ‘Battle group’ would be deployed in the Gulf.

For the last several months, France has been participating in the military operations in the Gulf against IS. It is obvious that French fighter aircrafts have in the past, carried out airstrikes on various IS bases but the deployment of aircraft carriers is considered to be a significant landmark.

France-charles_de_gaulle_enMeanwhile, the terrorist attack in France has evoked strong reactions in America. President Barack Obama has reacted that the attack in Niece is a horrifying event and that on behalf of the American people he was strongly condemning the attack and that he had assured complete support to France in the investigations into this attack.

US presidential election candidates have also strongly reacted to the terrorist attacks in France. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has declared that US has entered into the war against the terrorist groups. “It’s a different kind of war, and we need to be clever about how we win it.” said Mrs Clinton.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has claimed that America is in a warlike situation and that he had been saying this from the very beginning. Donald Trump has also declared that he has aggressive plans to refuse entry for those coming into America from countries where terrorism is sponsored.

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