ISIS wants to flare ‘Civil War’ across Europe: Researcher, Guido Steinberg


Barlin : On the pretext that targeting holy and religious places, and spiritual leaders will be strongly condemned and reacted by the society, terrorist organization ISIS has started targeting them. A German researcher, Guido Steinberg has claimed that ISIS wants to provoke a ‘Civil War’ in Europe. In last few days, ISIS has attacked prominent European countries like Germany and France. Recently a church in Normandy, France was targeted by ISIS, killing its 84-year old priest.

Guido Steinberg, a researcher in German Institute for International & Security Affairs, who previously worked as an advisor to the German Chancellor has attacked Merkel’s Migrant Policy. Terrorist organization, ISIS has become very active in provoking a war between the various religions in Europe.

ISIS is very well aware that targeting sensitive elements related to religion will lead to retaliations across entire Europe. France as well as entire Europe will surely retaliate for targeting holy places and religious figures. However, people should try to avoid harsh reacting violently as ISIS expects people to give such harsh reactions, warned Steinberg. He requested the Europeans to be together in the fight against ISIS.

German researchers have highlighted the violent actions of hardline organizations in Germany to support their claims. They have heavily come down on recent ISIS attacks and criticized Germany’s Migrant Policy blaming it as the root cause of this issue. Steinberg also pointed out that Europe is an unknown place for the migrants who are coming to Europe after facing physical and mental coercion. Their response to the European conditions is entirely new to Europe.

French security officials have also warned of possibility of Civil War erupting post the France terrorist attacks.

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