‘ISIS’ cracks down, executes 58 rebels from its own group

Baghdad, Oct 16 (PTI) – The ‘ISIS’ executed 58 rebels from its own group that were planning to handover the city of Mosul to the Iraqi military and the Government. It appears that there has been a divide amongst the group due to the involvement of a close aide of the ‘ISIS’ chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the attempted revolt. Due to the failure of this revolt, the Iraqi military is planning an attack on Mosul.

ISIS-militants - ‘ISIS’ executed 58 rebels

As reported by Mosul’s local citizens,‘ISIS’ executed their own cadres in the last week. The rebels were planning to join Iraq‘s security forces. The local citizens have informed that the group of rebels had attempted to betray the ‘ISIS’ leadership. This group of rebels included a senior commander of the ‘ISIS’ chief, Baghdadi. Thus, the Iraqi military’s plan to capture Mosul would have been successful. However, the ‘ISIS’ executed them before the attack.

‘ISIS’ has previously executed the members of its group that have attempted to flee during destructive campaigns or have been suspected of spying from its training centres. However, it now appears that this was the first instance where such a large number of terrorists within the group were planning to join the Iraqi military.

Due to this revolt, the growing discontent within the group for the ‘ISIS’ leadership has been exposed. Nevertheless, as the revolt took place in Mosul, the capital of ‘ISIS’ in Iraq, it has caused a significant impact on the group as suggested by the Iraqi analysts specialising on ‘ISIS’.

The Iraqi military has geared up with full force to take over Mosul. The Iraqi military, the other groups in Iraq opposing the ‘ISIS’ along with Kurd military have together encircled the Mosul city. Likewise, the United States and its allied nations are prepared with their warplanes for an aerial attack on Mosul. Over the past few months, the Iraqi military and the American warplanes have together gained control over the locations under ‘ISIS’ in Iraq.

Mosul is the last major city controlled by ‘ISIS’. Which is why the Iraqi military is preparing to cause significant damage to the ‘ISIS’ by plotting to capture Mosul. But the ‘ISIS’ terrorists are in hiding by using the local citizens as their human shields, so that Mosul is not easily overtaken by the Iraqi military. As a result, the Iraqi military’s operation was prolonged.

Under such circumstances, the revolt within the ‘ISIS’ would have aided the Iraqi military to gain control over Mosul. However, with ‘ISIS’ executing their own cadres before the uprising, the conflict for Mosul may now get extremely intensified.

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