125 people killed in Iraq bomb attack

ISIS claims responsibility

Baghdad Blast - IraqBaghdad:  125 people died and 200 injured in a suicide bomb blast in Baghdad, capital of Iraq. ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack. This attack is considered as the retaliation from ISIS, for the action taken by Iraqi army who drove away ISIS from Fallujah. Meanwhile, there is growing unrest with the people of Iraq about the government as was seen when on Sunday; local people threw stones at the car of Prime Minister Abadi, who had come to the site to see the damage caused due to this attack.

This blast occurred in a car in front of a shopping complex in Karrada in Baghdad. The brazen Saturday night attack which was masterminded by ISIS who took advantage of the large crowd gathered near the shopping complex. 120 people lost their lives in this attack.  Some more people are feared to have been trapped under the large part of the shopping complex which collapsed as a result of this blast which could result in increase in the number of casualties.   

As per the information given by the Iraqi security agencies, the explosives were stocked in the fridge kept in the car. However, as per the statement issued by ISIS, the blast was carried out by a suicide bomber. A few minutes after the first attack, another bomb explosion occurred at another spot on a street. Five persons lost their lives in this attack. This attack is considered as the worst terrorist attack in this year. Haider Al Abadi, the Prime Minister of Iraq had gone on Sunday morning to see the site where the attack took place. However local residents threw stones on the motorcade.            

Baghdad blastIt was only the last month-end when the Iraqi military had driven away the ISIS terrorists from Fallujah, a place close to Iraqi capital. ISIS terrorists were controlling this city for last two years. On this background this action is considered as a big success to Iraqi army in their fight against ISIS. Thereafter, Iraqi army has concentrated their attention on Mosul in the north. Prime Minister Abadi has also declared his resolve to drive away ISIS from Iraq. It is felt that with the current attack, ISIS has given a challenge to this resolve of the Iraqi government.     

It appears that Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq is becoming the center of ISIS attacks. During last six months, there have been 15 attacks in which more than 250 people have lost their lives. It appears that the ISIS is concentrating their attacks on the minority groups. The Iraqi government as well as the army are being criticized for their failure to provide due protection to these minority groups. In view of this, since last few days there have been protests in Baghdad against Abadi Government. The protesters had even dared to make efforts to enter in the ‘Green Zone’, ‘considered to be a highly secure area.

In the meanwhile, United States has started attacks on Mosul. As per the information released by Pentagon, two senior commanders of ISIS have been killed in the American air strikes on Mosul. The names of those killed are ‘Basim Muhammad Ahmad Sultan al-Bajari’ and ‘Hatim Talib al-Hamduni’ who led the attacks. Last week United States had claimed to have killed 250 terrorists in their air strikes in the border areas of Mosul.

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